Add a New Training Course
22DOD Phishing Awareness TrainingAnnuallyUSU Billeted EmployeesOnline
4EMASS Training, #EM003DOD 8570One TimeUSU SA'sInstructor-Led
5Designated Accrediting Authority (DAA) Training DoD 8570 Information Assurance Workforce ImprovemeEvery 3 YearsUSU SA'sOnline
14EEO training DOD 8570One TimeUSU Billeted CivilianOnline
15HIPPA Training (HJF)AnnuallyALL USUOnline
1Testing Coursefor all developersOne TimeUSU SAsOnline
17HJF Code of EthicsHJF online Learning CenterAnnuallyALL USUOnline
6Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Version 2.0DoD 5400.11-RAnnuallyALL USUOnline
12TestIA24556AnnuallySOM STUDENTSOnline
13eMASS Online TrainingDOD 8570AnnuallyUSU SAsOnline
18Active Shooter TimeALL USUOnline
11Portable Electronic Devices and Removable MediaEvery 2 YearsUSU SAsOnline
9Using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)DODI 8520.02 / DODI 8520.03Every 2 YearsALL USUOnline
21Cyber Security and Risk ManagementDOD 8570One TimeUSU SAsOnline
31DAU CLG 001 Every 2 YearsUSU Billeted CivilianOnline
32DAU CLM 003AnnuallyUSU Billeted CivilianOnline
34DAU CLG 005 One TimeUSU Billeted CivilianOnline
35DAU CLG 006One TimeUSU Billeted CivilianOnline
25EEO training FY15 Patricia BurkePatricia BurkeAnnuallyALL USUOnline
24Active ShooterOne TimeGEO STUDENTSOnline
26Privileged User IA TrainingAnnuallyUSU SAsOnline
36DoD Performance Management and Appraisal Program (DPMAP) TrainingOne TimeUSU Billeted CivilianOnline
41Enhacing Information Assurance through Physical Security RMF and DISAAnnuallySECURITY Online
42DoD Mobile Devices TrainingAnnuallyALL USUOnline
43Social Networking TrainingAnnuallyALL USUOnline
37AOR TrainingElectronic Foreign Clearance GuideOne TimeMILITARYOnline
40Annual Records Management Training For AllOMB/NARA Memorandum 12-18 Managing Gov. Records.AnnuallyALL USUOnline
39Senior Leadership Records Management Training OMB/NARA Memorandum 12-18 Managing Gov. Records. AnnuallyUSU Billeted CivilianOnline
28USU Incident Response TrainingUSU I-7900, Addendum C (IRP)AnnuallyUSU SAsOnline
29DOD IA Smartphone and Tablet TrainingAnnuallyALL USUOnline
30DoD Authorizing OfficialDoDI 8500.01, Cybersecurity; DoDI 8510.01, RMFEvery 3 YearsUSU SAsOnline
38DoD Cyber Awareness ChallegeAnnuallyUSU Billeted EmployeesOnline